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.Welcome to the lower right buttom corner, of Denmark.

The Red Dot is my location in this little country, about 5km from Where i was born, it look's like i am staying in this beatyfull and small part of this country.
That is perfect with me, because it's quiet as well, so no problem staying focused on my hobby, Since june 1995, my computer.
And look around in this big world, from my tiny spot on the planet.

The Red Dot is My Home Town

Me,Myself & I.
Male, Single i have 3 boys, Mike 15 & Kenn 13, last the mennis Dennis 11 years old, this year, they are all living with their mother in Broager 1km's from here, but that is no problem for any of us, their mom and i have been living together nearly 13 years, until jan.97.

I was born 04.04.1961 two years before Kennedy was killed, seperated the year Princess Diana Died, God Bless them, and i am only half the way trough my life, so what's at the end, who's next?

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